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== New ==
== New ==
* Switch versioning scheme to <major>.<minor>.<patch>.
* Switch versioning scheme to <major>.<minor>.<patch>.
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* Modules: use AddCommand().
* Modules: use AddCommand().
* Add
* Add

Latest revision as of 09:57, 2 April 2017

← 1.4 ZNC 1.6.0 1.6.1 →


  • Switch versioning scheme to <major>.<minor>.<patch>.
  • Add settings for which SSL/TLS protocols to use (SSLProtocols), which ciphers to enable (SSLCiphers). By default TLSv1+ are enabled, SSLv2/3 are disabled. Default ciphers are what Mozilla advises.
  • Validate SSL certificates.
  • Allow clients to specify an ID as part of username (user[@identifier][/network]). Currently not used, but modules can use it.
  • Add alias module for ZNC-side command interception and processing.
  • Support character encodings with separate settings for networks, and for clients. It replaces older charset module, which didn't work well with webadmin, log and other modules.
  • Support X-Forwarded-For HTTP header, used with new TrustedProxy setting.
  • Add URIPrefix option for HTTP listeners, used with reverse proxy.
  • Store query buffers per query the same way it's done for channels, add new option AutoClearQueryBuffer.
  • Add DisableChan command to *status, it was available only in webadmin before.
  • Allow wildcards in arguments of Help commands of *status and various modules.
  • Support IRCv3.2 batches, used for buffer playbacks.
  • Support IRCv3.2 self-message.
  • Remove awaynick module. It's considered bad etiquette.
  • Add JoinDelay setting, which allows a delay between connection to server, and joining first channel. By default it joins immediately after connect.
  • Make Detach, EnableChan and DisableChan commands of *status accept multiple channels.
  • znc-buildmod: Build output to the current working directory.
  • Wrap long lines in tables (e.g. in Help or ListAvailMods commands).
  • Support ECDHE if available in OpenSSL.
  • Report ZNC version more consistently, add HideVersion setting, which hides ZNC version from public.
  • Bump compiler requirements to support C++11. This means GCC 4.7+, Clang 3.2+, SWIG 3.0.0+.


  • Disable TLS compression.
  • Disallow setting ConnectDelay to zero, don't hammer server with our failed connects.
  • Simplify --makeconf.
  • Fix logic to find an available nick when connecting to server.
  • Fix handling of CTCP flood.
  • Allow network specific quit messages.
  • Make various text labels gender-neutral.
  • Fix finding SWIG 3 on FreeBSD.
  • Handle multi-receiver NOTICE and PRIVMSG.
  • Make channels follow user-level settings when appropriate.
  • Write disabled status to config for disabled channels.
  • Fix double output in messages from modules.
  • Fix memory leak in gzip compression in HTTP server.
  • Use random DNS result instead of choosing the same one every time.
  • Fix HTTP basic auth.
  • Mention network in message shown if client didn't send PASS.


  • autoattach:
    • Make it also a network module.
  • autoreply:
    • Use NOTICE instead of PRIVMSG.
  • autoop:
    • Add support for multiple hostmasks per user.
  • awaystore:
    • Store CTCP ACTIONs too.
    • Reset timer and return from away when a client does a CTCP ACTION.
    • Allows use of strftime formatting in away messages.
  • bouncedcc:
    • Fix quotes in file names.
    • Fix check for "Connected" state.
  • buffextras:
    • Make it also a network module.
  • chansaver:
    • Fix saving channel keys.
    • Add support for loading as a global module.
  • controlpanel:
    • Add AddChan, DelChan commands, useful for admins to edit other users' channels, was available only in webadmin before.
    • Check if adding a new channel succeeded.
    • Revise Help output.
    • Allow wildcards for GetChan and SetChan.
  • flooddetach:
    • Show current value in Lines and Secs commands.
    • Add Silent [yes|no] command, similar to route_replies.
  • listsockets:
    • Show traffic stats.
  • log:
    • Use only lower case characters in log filenames.
    • Use directories and YYYY-MM-DD filename by default.
    • Add support for logging rules. E.g. /msg *log setrules #znc !#*
    • If you want to convert your old logs to the new format, you can try this user created script.
  • modperl:
    • Fix some int_t types.
  • modpython:
    • Fix calling overloaded methods with parameter CString&.
    • Support CZNC::GetUserMap().
    • Set has_args and args_help_text from module.
    • Release python/swig ownership when adding object created in python to ZNC container.
    • Fix some int_t types.
    • Enable default arguments feature of SWIG 3.0.4. No functionality change, it just makes generated code a bit more beautiful.
  • nickserv:
    • Support
    • Remove commands Ghost, Recover, Release, Group. The same functionality is available via new alias module.
  • q:
    • Add JoinOnInvite, JoinAfterCloaked options.
    • Don't cloak host on first module load if already connected to IRC.
    • Add web configuration.
    • Use HMAC-SHA-256 instead of HMAC-MD5.
  • route_replies:
    • Handle numerics 307 and 379 in /whois reply. Handle IRCv3.2 METADATA numerics.
  • sample:
    • Make it a network module, which are easier to write.
  • sasl:
  • savebuff:
    • Do not skip channels with AutoClearChanBuffer=true.
    • Handle empty password in SetPass the same way as during startup.
  • simple_away:
    • Apply auto-away on load if no user is connected.
  • stickychan:
    • Don't join channels when not connected.
  • watch:
    • Add support for detached-only clients, and detached-only channels.
  • webadmin:
    • Combine "List Users" and "Add User".
    • Module argument autocomplete="off", for nickserv module, which contains password in argument before first save.
    • For every module show in which other levels that module is loaded (global/user/network).
    • Open links to wiki pages about modules in separate window/tab.
    • Support renaming a network (it was already possible outside of webadmin, via /znc MoveNetwork). However, it doesn't support moving networks between users yet, for that use /znc command.
    • Add missing page title on Traffic page.
    • Improve navigation: "Save and continue".
    • Clarify that timestamp format is useless with server-time.


  • Move Csocket to git submodule.
  • Unit tests, via GTest.
  • Allow lambdas for module command callbacks.
  • New modules hooks: OnSendToClient, OnSendToIRC, OnJoining, OnMode2, OnChanBufferPlayLine2, OnPrivBufferPlayLine2.
  • Add methods to CString: StartsWith, EndsWith, Join, Find, Contains, and Convert.
  • Add limited support for using threads in modules: CModuleJob class.
  • Inherit CClient and CIRCSock from a common class CIRCSocket.
  • Add CZNC::CreateInstance to make porting ZNC to MSVC a bit easier.
  • Add CUtils::Get/SetMessageTags().
  • Add CIRCNetwork::FindChans().
  • Add CChan::SendBuffer(client, buffer) overload.
  • Add CIRCNetwork::LoadModule() helper.
  • Add CClient::IsPlaybackActive().
  • Web: Discard sessions in LRU order.
  • Introduce CaseSensitivity enum class.
  • Fix CNick::Parse().
  • Remove redundant CWebSocket::GetModule().
  • Switch from CSmartPtr to std::shared_ptr.
  • Fix GetClients() const correctness.
  • Make self-signed cert with SHA-256, provide DH parameters in --makepem.
  • Use override keyword.
  • Show username of every http request in -D output.
  • Split CUserTimer into CIRCNetworkPingTimer and CIRCNetworkJoinTimer.
  • Give a reason for disabled features during ./configure, where it makes sense.
  • Use for nightlies too.
  • Revise CChan::JoinUser() & AttachUser().
  • Modules: use public API.
  • Modules: use AddCommand().
  • Add