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This module allows you to monitor the activity of a specific user and/or text patterns and have the text sent to a special query window. This may be handy if you, for example, want to notice any messages containing your nickname.



This network module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


To view the help output (example, output may differ depending on version):

/msg *watch help
<*watch> +------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------+
<*watch> | Command                                        | Description                                           |
<*watch> +------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------+
<*watch> | Add <HostMask> [Target] [Pattern]              | Used to add an entry to watch for.                    |
<*watch> | List                                           | List all entries being watched.                       |
<*watch> | Dump                                           | Dump a list of all current entries to be used later.  |
<*watch> | Del <Id>                                       | Deletes Id from the list of watched entries.          |
<*watch> | Clear                                          | Delete all entries.                                   |
<*watch> | Enable <Id | *>                                | Enable a disabled entry.                              |
<*watch> | Disable <Id | *>                               | Disable (but don't delete) an entry.                  |
<*watch> | SetDetachedClientOnly <Id | *> <True | False>  | Enable or disable detached client only for an entry.  |
<*watch> | SetDetachedChannelOnly <Id | *> <True | False> | Enable or disable detached channel only for an entry. |
<*watch> | Buffer [Count]                                 | Show/Set the amount of buffered lines while detached. |
<*watch> | SetSources <Id> [#chan priv #foo* !#bar]       | Set the source channels that you care about.          |
<*watch> | Help                                           | This help.                                            |
<*watch> +------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------+

To add a watch entry for anything said (*) by *! and send it to a window named *firebot-watch:

/msg *watch add *! *firebot-watch *
<*watch> Adding entry: [*!] watching for [*] -> [*firebot-watch]

To add a watch entry using an ExpandString:

/msg *watch add * *highlight *%nick%*
<*watch> Adding entry: [*!*@*] watching for [*%nick%*] -> [*highlight]

To set the channels that should be logged (use space as a delimiter for setting multiple sources):

/msg *watch SetSources 1 #bugs
<*watch> Sources set for Id 1.

Results should be like:

<*firebot-watch> <firebot:#bugs> New Firefox - General bug 311883 filed by

To show a list (list shows all that are being watched and dump shows them all):

/msg *watch list
/msg *watch dump

To remove entries:

/msg *watch del <id> (deletes a specific entry)
/msg *watch clear (deletes all entries)

To enable and disable (wildcard character * can be used for all):

/msg *watch enable <id | *>
/msg *watch disable <id | *>

This module can also set the amount of buffered lines while detached:

/msg *watch buffer <lines>

See ExpandString for a list of available variables which you can use in your message patterns.