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Watch features suggestions[edit]

<PeterT> can I suggest some features?
<PeterT> (for the *watch module)
<PeterT> an option to *not* watch something would be nice
<PeterT> for example, if I'm watching *%nick%*, then I don't want to receive a notice when I use *autoop
<PeterT> because that is "PeterT sets mode +o..."
<PeterT> so maybe an extra setting, where you can add "!PeterT sets mode"
later on...
<PeterT> another suggestion for watch, when there are less than $specified-number clients, turn watch on
<PeterT> if there are more then $specified-number, turn watch off
<PeterT> this would be useful to automatically turn watch off or on when someone is connected/disconnected

--PeterT 17:07, 19 July 2010 (CEST)