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This module saves your channel buffers into an encrypted file so they can survive restarts and reboots.

In previous versions, this module helped parsing actions which happened on IRC, by adding JOINs, QUITs, etc. to the playback buffer with a not-really-human-readable format. It was recommened to be used in combination with a client script or plugin, otherwise the output was pretty much useless or rather annoying. This feature was deprecated, however, and that functionality has moved to its own module, buffextras.



This network module takes up to one arguments. Either --ask-pass or the password itself (which may contain spaces) or nothing

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.

Savebuff stores information in ~/.znc/users/<user>/networks/<network>/moddata/savebuff/. The filename is a MD5 hash of the username and channel name (in lowercase).

Client scripts and plugins[edit]

There are several scripts and plugins available to parse the actions sent by this module. You can find them below.

Known Issues[edit]

Savebuff blocks starting ZNC[edit]

What am I supposed to do if I can't start ZNC because the savebuff module fails to decrypt its saved messages?
The easiest way to fix this is to enter the correct password.

The second easiest way is to remove savebuff's saved messages:

rm ~/.znc/users/*/networks/*/moddata/savebuff/.*

If you only want to remove the messages of some user, use this:

rm ~/.znc/users/<username>/networks/*/moddata/savebuff/.*

To avoid this error in the future and if you don't have problems with saving the password in the ZNC config file, you can add your password there:

LoadModule = savebuff This is my secret pass