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Note: ZNC will hold/replay private messages when you disconnect/reconnect by default, without this module. This module just adds additional options and functionality to this.

When you are set away or are detached from the bouncer, this module will save all private messages for you. The messages can be read until you delete them. Messages are stored in an encrypted file on your shell (based on the <password> you set). That way everyone who has access to this shell still cannot read your messages. This module can also set you away when you are idle for some length of time—see timer/settimer.



This network module takes one, two or three arguments. The argument can be -notimer or -timer x. See the disabletimer and settimer documentation below for an explanation. The last argument, which must always be given, is the password used for encrypting the saved data.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.

Note: Your installation must be configured with SSL enabled, otherwise this module will not be available.

example: /msg *status loadmod awaystore -notimer passw0rd
example: /msg *status loadmod awaystore -timer 600 passw0rd (600 seconds, which is 10 minutes)


The module sets you away after some seconds. This can be disabled with disabletimer and the time can be changed with settimer x which sets it to x seconds. The ping command can be used to reset that time so that you will not be set away for x seconds.

<Kuja> away
Notice from [*awaystore(]: You have been marked as away
<Kuja> back
Notice from [*awaystore(]: Welcome Back!
Notice from [*awaystore(]: You have 1 messages!
<Kuja> show
<*awaystore> Kuja_!
<*awaystore> 0) [2005-10-10 10:19:41] test
<*awaystore> #--- End Messages
<Kuja> delete all
Notice from [*awaystore(]: Deleted 1 Messages.

When you attach you will be automatically set back as well.

Known Issues

awaystore blocks starting ZNC

What am I supposed to do if I can't start ZNC because the away module fails to decrypt its saved messages?
The easiest way to fix this is to enter the correct password.

The second easiest way is to remove all of away's saved messages (for all users and all networks):

rm ~/.znc/users/*/networks/*/moddata/awaystore/.*

If you only want to remove the messages of some user, use this:

rm ~/.znc/users/<username>/networks/*/moddata/awaystore/.*

If you only want to remove the messages on some network, use this:

rm ~/.znc/users/*/networks/<network_name>/moddata/awaystore/.*

Of course, any combination of particular username and network is also possible.

To avoid this error in the future and if you don't have problems with saving the password in the ZNC config file, you can add your password there:

LoadModule = awaystore ThisIsMySecretPass