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New stuff


  • The route_replies module now handles "354" who replies. (r2112)
  • Fixed a bogus "invalid password" error during login with some clients. (r2117)
  • Reject long input lines on incoming connections. (r2124)
  • The lastseen module should only link to webadmin if the latter is loaded. (r2126)
  • Fixed cases where HTTP requests were incorrectly dropped. (r2148) (r2149)
  • Fixed partyline to work with servers that don't send a 005 CHANTYPES. (r2162)
  • Fixed error message from configure if dlopen() isn't found. (r2166)

Minor stuff

  • Renamed "vhost" to "bindhost" to better describe what the option does. (r2113)
  • Honor timezone offset in the simple_away module. (r2114)
  • Load global modules as soon as their config line is read. (r2118)
  • Use poll() instead of select() by default. (r2153) (r2165)
  • Ignore the channel key "*" in the chansaver module. (r2155)

Internal stuff