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New stuff


  • Fix configure to automatically disable modperl if perl is not found. (r2017)
  • Include the port number in cookie names to make them unique across different znc instances on the same box. (r2030)
  • Make sure that we have at least c-ares 1.5.0. (r2055)
  • Make znc work on solaris. (r2064) (r2065) (r2067) (r2068)
  • Improve configure's and make's output. (r2079) (r2080) (r2094) (r2101)
  • Complain about truncated config files. (r2083)
  • Fix some std::out_of_range error triggerable by people with a valid login. (r2087) (r2093) (r2095)
  • Make fakeonline behave while we are not connected to an IRC server. (r2091)
  • Always attach to channels when joining them. (r2092)
  • Fix a NULL pointer dereference in route_replies. (r2102) (r2103)

Minor stuff

  • Allow leading and trailing spaces in config entries. (r2010)
  • Various minor changes. (r2012) (r2014) (r2021)
  • Use pkg-config for finding openssl, if it's available. We still fall back to the old code if this fails. (r2018)
  • znc no longer accepts an alternative file name for znc.conf as its argument. (r2037)
  • Generate correct HTTP status codes in webmods and make sure this doesn't happen again. (r2039) (r2040)
  • Rewrite our PING/PONG handling. (r2043)
  • Raise the size of the query buffer to 250. (r2089)
  • Update to latest Csocket. (r2096)

Internal stuff

  • Remove the fake module usage in WebMods. (r2011)
  • Remove fake modules completely. (r2012) (r2015)
  • Make CTable more robust. (r2031)
  • Move the OnKick() module call so it is issued when the nick still is visible in the channel. (r2038)
  • Remove CZNC::GetUser() since CZNC::FindUser() does the same. (r2046)
  • Minor changes to webmod skins. (r2061) (r2062)
  • Add new macros GLOBALMODULECALL and ALLMODULECALL. (r2074) (r2075) (r2076)
  • Remove a bogus CClient* argument from some module calls. (r2077)
  • Mark some functions as const. (r2081) (r2082) (r2084) (r2085)