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Partyline is like a small internal IRC network inside your bouncer. It allows any user connected to your bouncer to chat with other users. This is a global module. The etymology of this module's name stems from the historical arrangement in telephony referred to as a party line.



This global module takes any number of arguments. The arguments are a list of channel names which users join automatically.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


When this module is loaded it watches user input for channels starting with ~ (tilde)

This means that you can /join ~#channel and the module will catch this and join you to the internal channel without forwarding that message on to IRC. Anyone connected to your ZNC will be able to join any ~#channel with eachother regardless of which irc network they are connected to.

You can also /msg ?zncuser to have a private chat with another user connected to your ZNC.


To get a list of available channels you can use /msg *partyline list:

<prozac> list
<*partyline> +---------+-------+
<*partyline> | Channel | Users |
<*partyline> +---------+-------+
<*partyline> | ~#foo   | 1     |
<*partyline> | ~#znc   | 2     |
<*partyline> +---------+-------+