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New stuff

  • Add a list of features to the output of /znc version. (cce5824)
  • Add modpython. (a564e2) (88c84ef) (1854e1) (9745dcb) (644632) (4c6d52c) (b7700fe) (0f2265c)
  • Verify during --makeconf that the specified listener works. (11ffe9d)
  • Add TimestampFormat and StatusPrefix settings to admin. (853ddc5)
  • Add DCCBindHost, channel keys and some more to webadmin. (570fab6) (eb26386) (1e0585c)
  • Add a web interface to listsockets. (144cdf)
  • Add a web interface to perform. (c8910c) (89edf703) (ba183e46)
  • Don't reply to CTCP floods. (142eeb)
  • Accept wildcards for /znc DetachChan, EnableChan, ClearBuffer and SetBuffer. (e66b24)
  • Added reconnect and disconnect commands to admin. (65ae83)
  • Moved from SourceForge to GitHub. (daa610) (ed17804) (86c0e97) (e6bff0c) (087f01)
  • Don't force --foreground when compiling with --enable-debug. (778449) (fbd8d6)
  • Add functions for managing CTCPReplies to admin. (3f0e200)
  • Allow omitting user names with some commands in admin. (4faad67)
  • Some fixed with ISpoofFile and SSLCertFile paths which use "~". (cd7822) (f69aeff) (ce10cee)


  • Send more than a single channel per JOIN command. (3327a97) (6a1d27)
  • Properly unload perl modules so that their code is reread on next load. (ce45917)
  • Make certauth remember its module list across restarts again. (451b7e32)
  • Ignore dereferenced sockets in listsockets. (50b57b)
  • Fix a cross-compilation problem in configure. (d9b4ba1)
  • Bind web sessions to IP addresses. (577a097) (4556cc)
  • Limit the number of web sessions per IP. (913a3c8) (bf6dc45)
  • Build on cygwin again. (37b70a)
  • Allow admins to ignore MaxBufferSize in webadmin. (b37e23)
  • Fix some compiler warning generated by clang. (c7c12f0)
  • Call modules for mode-changes done by not-in-channel nicks. (a53306)
  • Fix installation with checkinstall and the permissions of some static data. (4c7808) (3d3235)

Minor stuff

  • Properly report errors in admin's addserver command. (ed924cb)
  • Improvements of modperl. (1baa019) (12b1cf6) (7237b9) (ece2c88)
  • Check for modperl that we have at least Perl 5.10. (0bc606)
  • Verify in configure that tcl actually works. (89bd527)
  • Add a warning header to znc.conf that warns about editing the file. (2472ea) (8cadb6)
  • Improve the ISpoof debug output. (128af8e)
  • Improve HTTP client-side caching for static files. (9ef41ae) (4e5f9e8)
  • Removed all generated/copied scripts from the repo. (fde73c60) (9574d6) (e2ce2cf) (5a6a7b)
  • Only allow admins to use email. (81c864)
  • Make clearbufferonmsg clear the buffer a little less often. (ddd302fbf)
  • Make the output from /znc help smaller. (0d928c)
  • Add a web interface to send_raw. (d8b181) (a93a586)

Internal stuff

  • Some optimizations with lots of users and channels. (b359f) (5e070e)
  • Various changes to the Makefiles. (33e1ccc) (0ad5cf) (df3409) (e17348c) (936b43) (18234a) (0cc8beb) (d21a1be) (517307b) (40632f) (afa16df) (4be0572) (452e3f) (9fec8f) (f76f1e7) (6b396f)
  • Added a third argument to the OnPart module hook. (a0c0b7) (1d10335) (e4b48d5)
  • Added vim modelines to some files. (dc8a39)
  • Added an auto-generated zncconfig.h (8a1c2a4) (aeeb1eb3) (f4927709) (40a1bb) (3ecbf13) (87037f) (b6c8e1)
  • Update to latest Csocket. (cc552f)
  • Handle paths like "~/foo" in CFile. (cb2e50a)
  • Add some generic interface for module commands. (ebd7e53) (8e59fb9) (31bbffa)

CUser::m_sUserName was made const. (d44e590)