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The Big News[edit]


  • In ZNC 0.098 there was a memleak whenever someone JOINs a channel.
  • Compile even when OpenSSL was built with no-ssl2.
  • Correctly handle excessive web sessions.
  • Correctly save non-ASCII characters to the NV.
  • Fix znc-buildmod when ZNC was compiled out of tree.
  • Don't always use IPv6 when verifying the listener in --makeconf.

Minor Things[edit]

  • Remove a pointless MODE request which ZNC sent on every JOIN.
  • Raise ZNC's timeouts.
  • Log's logging path becomes configurable.
  • Add a replay command to away.
  • Add a get command to notes.
  • Add -disableNotesOnLogin argument to notes.
  • Add hostmask handling to autoattach.
  • Make it possible for modules to provide additional info, e.g. providing a homepage URL.
  • Various improvements to modpython.
  • Hardcode a default entry for the CN in znc --makepem.
  • Work around Mac OS' and Solaris' brokenness.
  • Make ZNC compile without getopt_long(). This fixes compilation on e.g. Solaris 9 and hopefully Irix.
  • Check for errors like "no space left on disk" while writing the config file.
  • Improve the error handling when reading the config.
  • Move module data files to own directory in the source and in installation prefix.
  • Handle Listeners after SSLCertFile during startup.
  • Check for required SWIG version in ./configure.
  • Make it possible to use ExpandString-stuff in QuitMsg.
  • znc-buildmod: Print ZNC's version number.
  • Add config option ProtectWebSessions which makes it possible to disable the IP check for web sessions.

Internal Stuff[edit]

  • Build modules with hidden symbol visibility.
  • Clean up includes. This might break external modules.
  • New CModCommand for simplifiying module commands.
  • Add the OnIRCConnectionError(CIRCSock *pIRCSock) module hook
  • Remove config-related module hooks.
  • Fix CString::Escape_n()
  • Make the CUser::IsIRCConnected method check if ZNC already successfully logged in to IRC.
  • and more...