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New stuff[edit]

  • schat now prints a message if a client connects and there are still some active schats. (r1282)
  • awaynick: Set awaynick on connect, not after some time. (r1291)
  • Allow adding new servers through /msg *status addserver even if a server with the same name but e.g. a different port is already added. (r1295) (r1296)
  • Show the current server in /msg *status listservers with a star. (r1308)
  • /msg *status listmods now displays the module's arguments instead of its description. Use listavailmods for the description. (r1310)
  • ZNC now updates the channel buffers for detached channels and thus gives a buffer replay when you reattach. (r1325)
  • watch now adds timestamps to messages it adds to the playback buffers. (r1333)
  • ZNC should now work on cygwin out of the box (use --disable-ipv6). (r1351)
  • Webadmin will handle all HTTP requests on the irc ports. (r1368) (r1375)


  • Handle read errors in CFile::Copy() instead of going into an endless loop. (r1280) (r1287)
  • Make schat work properly again and clean it up a little. (r1281) (r1303)
  • Removed all calls to getcwd(). We now no longer depend on PATH_MAX. (r1286)
  • stickychan: Don't try to join channels if we are not connected to IRC. (r1298)
  • watch now saved its settings. (r1304)
  • Don't forward PONG replies that we requested to the user. (r1309)
  • awaynick evaluated the awaynick multiple times and thus didn't set the nick back. (r1313)
  • znc-config --version said '@VERSION@' instead of the actual version number. (r1319)
  • Handle JOIN redirects due to +L. (r1327)
  • Remove the length restrictions on webadmin's password fields which led to silent password truncation. (r1330)
  • Webadmin now reloads global modules if you change their arguments. (r1331)
  • The main binary is no longer built with position independent code. (r1338)
  • ZNC failed to bounce DCCs if its own ip started with a value above 127. (r1340)
  • Savebuff no longer reloads old channel buffers if you did /msg *status clearbuffer. (r1345)
  • Some work has been done to make ZNC work with mingw (It doesn't work out of the box yet). (r1339) (r1341) (r1342) (r1343) (r1344) (r1354) (r1355) (r1356) (r1358) (r1359)
  • modperl used huge amounts of memory after some time. This is now fixed. (r1357)
  • shell now generates error messages if e.g. fork() fails. (r1369)
  • If the allowed buffer size is lowered, the buffer is now automatically shrunk. (r1371)
  • webadmin now refuses to transfer files bigger than 16 MiB, because it would block ZNC. (r1374)

Minor stuff[edit]

  • Only reply to /mode requests if we actually know the answer. (r1290)
  • Lowered some timeouts. (r1297)
  • Memory usage optimizations. (r1300) (r1301) (r1302)
  • Allow custom compiler flags in znc-buildmod via the $CXXFLAGS and $LIBS environment flags. (r1312)
  • Show the client's IP in debug output if no username is available yet. (r1315)
  • Allow /msg *status setbuffer for channels we are currently not on. (r1323)
  • Updated the README. (r1326)
  • Use @includedir@ instead of @prefix@/include in the Makefile. (r1328)
  • Use RTLD_NOW for loading modules instead of RTLD_LAZY which could take down the bouncer. (r1332)
  • Use stat() instead of lstat() if the later one isn't available. (r1339)
  • CExecSock now generates an error message if execvp() fails. (r1362)
  • Improved some error messages. (r1367)

Internal stuff[edit]

  • Add traffic tracking support to CSocket. Every module that uses CSocket now automatically gets the traffic it causes tracked. (r1283)
  • Add VERSION_MINOR and VERSION_MAJOR defines. (r1284) (r1285)
  • Rework CZNC::Get*Path() a little. (r1289) (r1292) (r1299)
  • Remove the IPv6 stuff from CServer. It wasn't used at all. (r1294)
  • Make email use CSocket instead of Csock. (r1305)
  • Cleaned up and improved CFile::ReadLine() and CChan::AddNicks() a little. (r1306) (r1307)
  • Replaced most calls to strtoul() and atoi() with calls to the appropriate CString members. (r1320)
  • Moved the SetArgs() call before the OnLoad() call so that modules can overwrite there arguments in OnLoad(). (r1329)
  • Let CZNC::AddUser() check if the user name is still free. (r1346)
  • API stuff:
    • Added CModule::IsGlobal(). (r1283)
    • Added CModule::BeginTimers(), EndTimers(), BeginSockets() and EndSockets(). (r1293)
    • Added CModule::ClearNV(). (r1304)
    • Removed ReadFile(), WriteFile(), ReadLine() (Use CFile instead), Lower(), Upper() (Use CString::AsUpper(), ::ToUpper(), ::*Lower() instead) and added CFile::ReadFile() (r1311)
    • Added CModules::OnUnknownUserRaw(). (r1314)
    • Added CUtils::SaltedHash() for computing the salted MD5 hashes ZNC uses. (r1324)
    • Removed CLockFile and made CFile take over its job. (r1337) (r1352) (r1353)
    • Change the return type to CUtils::GetPass() to CString. (r1343)
    • Added a DEBUG(f) define that expands to DEBUG_ONLY(cout << f << endl). (r1348) (r1349)
    • Removed some unused functions and definitions. (r1360) (r1361)