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This module allows you to have a secure AES-256-DCC chat with someone else who uses this module on their ZNC.



This network module takes one required arguments. The argument must be the name of .pem file, in ~/.znc/users/<username>/networks/<network>/moddata/schat/

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules. Example: For ~/.znc/users/<username>/networks/<network>/moddata/schat/user.pem:

/msg *status loadmod schat user.pem


To request a secure chat use one of the following commands:

/schat <nick>


/msg *schat chat <nick>

To list all initiated chats use:

/msg *schat list

To close a chat use:

/msg *schat close <nick>

Or just type:

/msg *schat help

Once a chat is initiated you can chat with the other person via a query that looks like (s)<nick>.