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Privmsg prefix

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This modules sends all your queries to other people to other clients connected to your user. They appear coming from that user, prefixing each message with "->". If your IRC client supports privmsg module, it's recommended to use that module instead, as it makes those message to appear coming from you. If you have some clients which support the privmsg module and some that do not, consider using the privmsg_auto module.


The code for this module can be found here (raw). Save it to privmsg_prefix.cpp and follow the Compiling modules page to compile it.

Client Scripts[edit]

For better integration with some clients here are some optional scripts:



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.



First version.


Contact DarthGandalf on irc://, or DGandalf on irc:// for bug reports and suggestions.