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  1. Open the network list (ctrl+s or HexChat > Network List)
  2. Hit Add and name the network
  3. Hit Edit
  4. Add the server's address (with the format of hostname/port) by clicking on the server list and hit enter to save.
  5. You can check the autoconnect option here if you prefer.
  6. Check "Use SSL..." and "Accept invalid SSL" if you are using that (it's invalid because it is self-signed)
  7. Uncheck "Use global user information" and fill in the username with username/network
  8. Enter your password...
    1. For 2.9.6+ you must have "Server Password" for login method.
    2. Pre 2.9.6 just input into the Server Password field.
  9. Hit Close to save your changes and then test it.



You will still need to specify Nick, Alt nick, and Real name.


If it does not connect ensure you have the correct port set.

If no port is set HexChat defaults to 6667 for non-ssl and 6697 for ssl.

The format in the network list for ports is address/port

This is a failed attempt due to not specifying the correct port.

 Connecting to (6697)
 Connected. Now logging in...
 Disconnected (Connection reset by peer)

Playback formatting[edit]


HexChat 2.9.6+ Supports the[-iso] capability, this means that all the timestamps will be the correct ones given by the server.


Some events printed by the playback still won't look quite correct, to help this some scripts have been written to do extra formatting.

Scripts for 2.12.1+ (Lua, Recommended)

Scripts for 2.9.6+ (Python)

Older XChat scripts