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privmsg_auto is a network module designed to be used when one has mixture of clients that can use the privmsg module and clients that cannot which would otherwise require the privmsg_prefix module. Like both privmsg and privmsg_prefix it sends outgoing private messages to all clients, each client is sent a CTCP VERSION when they connect to determine if they can accept messages without a prefix, and messages will be sent accordingly.

Getting the Code[edit]

The code for this module can be found here (raw). Please read Compiling modules and the extra compiling notes in order to build this module.



This network module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


View if the current client is to receive prefixed, or non-prefixed privmsg
Force privmsg_auto to change what it will send the current client

How this works[edit]

privmsg_auto uses a CTCP VERSION request to clients as they connect (or when the module is loaded) to try to match them against a list of clients known to be able to support messages as they are sent by privmsg. Otherwise, messages are sent as they would be by privmsg_prefix. See the Supported Clients list to see what clients privmsg_auto knows about. Note, if a client is listed as being capable with a script installed, privmsg_auto will assume that it is capable. You must install the script on your client unless you want broken messages sent your way!


If your client does work (you can test by using the toggle command) and it's not being identified by privmsg_auto, or you have any other issue, make an issue or contact nw` on irc://