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Upgrading from previous versions

Errors during start-up

The shell, email and imapauth modules have been moved from the regular module set to the "extra" set, you have to use --enable-extra with ./configure to compile them.

So, to fix these errors, edit the znc.conf file in ~/.znc/configs and don't load those modules, or recompile znc with extra.


While previously only the "webadmin" provided an HTTP server/interface, the HTTP server is now integrated into ZNC's core. This means that all modules (not only webadmin) can now provide web pages. Examples shipping with ZNC are lastseen, stickychan and notes. Old-style module arguments to webadmin will be automatically converted to the new syntax.

Please note that the WebMods interface uses session cookies instead of 'Basic' HTTP authentication.

All URLs to webadmin's settings pages have changed. Please adjust your scripts etc. if necessary.

Running without installing

If you want to run ZNC without doing make install, i.e. if you want to run it from the source dir, you will have to add --enable-run-from-source as an argument to ./configure. You do not have to care about this if you use a --prefix= or if you install ZNC system-wide.

I upgraded and WebAdmin/WebMods is acting weird, Log Out does not work.

Starting with 0.090, ZNC uses cookies instead of HTTP Basic authentication. If your browser is still sending the Basic credentials to ZNC, e.g. because you have saved them in a bookmark, or password manager, or simply haven't restarted your browser in a while, those will continue to work, even after you click the Log Out button.

To fix this, remove any user:pass@host portions from your bookmarks, remove all entries for ZNC's web interface from your password manager, and restart your browser.

Detailed Changelog

New stuff


  • Don't let ZNC connect to itself. (r1760)
  • Added a missing error message to /znc updatemod. (r1772)
  • Generate cryptographically stronger certificates in --makepem. (r1774)
  • Autoattach now triggers on channel actions. (r1778)
  • --disable-tcl now really disables TCL instead of enabling it. (r1782)
  • User name comparison in blockuser is now case-sensitive. (r1786)
  • Fixed /names when route_replies is loaded. (r1811)
  • autoreply now ignores messages from self. (r1828)
  • Don't forward our own QUIT messages to clients. (r1860)
  • Do not create empty directories if one does ./znc --datadir=NON_EXISTING_DIR. (r1878)
  • Query to Raw send the command to IRC instead of to the client. (r1892)
  • Fixed desync in Partyline after addfixchan or delfixchan. (r1904)
  • Save passwords for Nickserv module as NV instead of keeping them as arguments. (r1914)
  • CSRF Protection. (r1932) (r1933) (r1935) (r1936) (r1938) (r1940) (r1944)
  • Fixed a rare configure failure with modperl. (r1946)
  • disconkick now only sends kicks for channels the client actually joined. (r1952)
  • More sanity checks while rewriting znc.conf. (r1962)
  • Fixed static compilation with libcrypto which needs libdl by checking for libdl earlier. (r1969)
  • Fixed modtcl with newer tcl versions. (r1970)
  • Better error message if pkg-config is not found. (r1983)
  • Fixed a possible race condition in autoop which could cause bogous "invalid password" messages. (r1998)

Minor stuff

Internal stuff

A lot of work went into this release, we would like to thank everyone who contributed code, helped testing or provided feedback.