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New stuff[edit]

  • Update to latest Csocket. (r1682) (r1727) (r1735) (r1751) (r1752) (r1753)
  • Only allow admins to load modtcl unless -DMOD_MODTCL_ALLOW_EVERYONE is used. (r1684)
  • Include /me's in the query buffer. (r1687)
  • Some tweaks to savebuff to differentiate it more from buffextras. (r1691) (r1692)
  • send_raw can now also send to clients. (r1697)
  • Move the "Another client authenticated as you"-message into new module clientnotify. (r1698)
  • Imported block_motd module into extra. (r1700)
  • Imported flooddetach into extra. (r1701) (r1717)
  • Added new setting ServerThrottle which sets a timeout between connections to the same server. (r1702) (r1705)
  • Only ask for the more common modules in --makeconf. (r1706)
  • Use UTF-8 as default charset for webadmin. (r1716)
  • Revamped default webadmin skin. It's very grayish, but looks way more like 2010 than the old default skin does. (r1720)
  • New font style for the "ice" webadmin skin. (r1721)
  • Added a summary line to /znc listchans. (r1729)
  • The admin module can now handle more settings and got some missing permission checks added. (r1743) (r1744) (r1745) (r1746) (r1747)


  • Apply new ConnectDelay settings immediately after a rehash. (r1679)
  • Do a clean shutdown just before a restart. (r1681)
  • Fix a theoretical crash in modtcl. (r1685)
  • Users should use the correct save and download path after Clone(). (r1686)
  • Several improvements to znc-buildmod. (r1688) (r1689) (r1690) (r1695)
  • Fix a crash with modperl by loading modules differently. (r1714)
  • Fix HTTP Cache-Control headers for static files served by webadmin. (r1719)
  • Send the nicklist to a user who is being force-rejoined in partyline. (r1731)
  • Set the issuer name in CUtils::GenerateCert(). (r1732)
  • Fixed some inconsistency with /znc reloadmod. (r1749)
  • Added a work-around for SSL connections which incorrectly errored out during handshake. (r1750)

Minor stuff[edit]

  • Don't try to catch SIGILL, SIGBUS or SIGSEGV, the default action will do fine. (r1680)
  • Added IP-address to messages from notify_connect. (r1699)
  • Switched to Csocket's own c-ares code. (r1704) (r1707) (r1708) (r1709) (r1710) (r1712) (r1713)
  • Add more doxygen comments. (r1715) (r1718) (r1737)
  • Removed useless "add your current ip" checkbox from webadmin's edit user page. (r1722)
  • Don't try to request a MOTD if there is none. (r1728)

Internal stuff[edit]

  • It's 2010, where's my hoverboard? (r1693)
  • Got rid of Timers.h. (r1696)
  • Added a Clone() method to CNick. (r1711)
  • Call OnChanAction() after OnChanCTCP(). (r1730)
  • Random cleanups to CFile::Delete(). (r1694)
  • Other random cleanups. (r1723) (r1724) (r1725) (r1726) (r1736)
  • Move the implementation of CSocket to Socket.cpp/h. (r1733)