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New stuff

  • Add --disable-optimization to configure. (r1206)
  • New webadmin skin dark-clouds by bigpresh. (r1210)
  • Added the q module as a replacement for QAuth. (r1217) (r1218)
  • Added an enhanced /znc command: (r1228)
    • /znc jump is equal to /msg *status jump
    • /znc *shell pwd is equal to /msg *shell pwd
  • Webadmin should generate less traffic, because it now uses client-side caching for static data (images, style sheets, ...). (r1248)
  • Changes to the vhost interface from *status: (r1256)
    • New commands: AddVHost, RemVHost and ListVHosts.
    • SetVHost now only accepts vhosts from the ListVHosts list, if it is non-empty.
  • ZNC now should compile and work fine on Mac OS. (r1258)
  • IPv6 is now enabled by default unless you disable it with --disable-ipv6. (r1270)


  • Make keepnick usable. (r1203) (r1209)
  • Don't display 'Your message to .. got lost' for our own nick. (r1211)
  • Fix compile error with GCC 4.3.1 if ssl is disabled. Thanks to sebastinas. (r1212)
  • Limit the maximum buffer space each socket may use to prevent DoS attacks. (r1233)
  • Properly clean the cached perms when you are kicked from a channel. (r1236)
  • Due to changes in rev 1155-1158, modperl crashed on load on some machines. (r1237) (r1239)
  • Stickychan didn't work with disabled channels. (r1238)
  • Catch a throw UNLOAD in the OnBoot module hook. (r1249)
  • Webadmin now accepts symlinks in the skin dir. (r1252)
  • Fix for partyline if a force-joined user is deleted. (r1263) (r1264)
  • Revert change from (r1125) so that we compile on fbsd 4 again. (r1273)

Minor stuff

  • Recompile everything if configure is run again. (r1205)
  • Improved the readability of ListMods und ListAvailMods. (r1216)
  • Accept "y" and "n" as answers to yes/no questions in --makeconf. (r1244)
  • --makeconf now also generates a ssl certificate if a ssl listening port is configured. (r1246)
  • Improved and cleaned up the simple_away module. (r1247)
  • The nickserv module automatically saves the password and never displays it anymore. (r1250)
  • Use relative instead of absolute URLs in all webadmin skins. (r1253) (r1254)
  • Add znc-config --cxx and use it in znc-buildmod. (r1255)
  • Support out-of-tree-builds. (r1257)
  • Make schat's showsocks command admin-only. (r1260)
  • Fix compilation with GCC 4.4. (r1269)
  • Use AC_PATH_PROG instead of which to find the perl binary. (r1274)
  • New AUTHORS file format. (r1275)

Internal stuff

  • Removed redundant checks for NULL pointers (r1220) (r1227)
  • Renamed String.h and String.cpp to ZNCString. (r1202)
  • Print a warning in CTable if an unknown column is SetCell()'d (r1223)
  • Update to latest Csocket (r1225)
  • Remove CSocket::m_sLabel and its accessor functions. Use the socket name Csocket provides instead. (r1229)
  • modules Makefile: Small cleanup, one defines less and no compiler flags passed multiple times. (r1235)
  • Webadmin now uses CSocket instead of using Csock and keeping a list of sockets itself. (r1240)
  • Mark some global and static variables as const. (r1241)
  • Cleanup perform, no feature changes. (r1242)
  • Some tweaking to Among other things, we now honour CPPFLAGS and don't check for a C compiler anymore. (r1251)
  • On rare occasions webadmin generated weird error messages. (r1259)
  • OnStatusCommand now doesn't have the const attribute on its argument. (r1262)
  • Some new functions:
    • some CString constructors (e.g. CString(true) results in "true") (r1243) (r1245)
    • CString::TrimPrefix() and CString::TrimSuffix() (r1224) (r1226)
    • CString::Equals() (r1232) (r1234)
    • CTable::Clear() (r1230)
    • CClient::PutStatus(const CTable&) (r1222)
    • CGlobalModule::OnClientConnect() (r1266) (r1268)
    • CModule::OnIRCRegistration() (r1271)
    • CModule::OnTimerAutoJoin() (r1272)
  • Renames:
    • CModule::OnUserAttached() is now known as CModules::OnClientLogin(). (r1266)
    • CModule::OnUserDetached() is now known as CModules::OnClientDisconnect(). (r1266)