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  • Rehashing also handles channel settings. (r1058)
  • Make znc-buildmod work with prefixes. (r1054)
  • Greatly speed up CUser::GetIRCSock(). Thanks to w00t. (r1053)
  • Don't link the ZNC binary against libsasl2. (r1050)
  • Make CString::RandomString() produce a more random string (this is used for autoop and increases its security). (r1047)
  • Remove OnRehashDone() and add OnPreRehash() and OnPostRehash(). (r1046)
  • Show traffic stats in a readable unit instead of lots of bytes. (r1038)
  • Fixed a bug were nick changes where silently dropped if we are in no channels. (r1037)
  • Remove the /watch command from watch. (r1035)
  • znc-buildmod now reports errors via exit code. (r1034)
  • Display a better error message if znc.conf cannot be opened. (r1033)
  • Print a warning from *status if some message or notice is lost because we are not connected to IRC. (r1032)
  • Make ./configure --bindir=DIR work. (r1031)
  • Always track header dependencies. This means we require a compile supporting -MMD and -MF. (r1026)
  • Improve some error messages if we can't connect to IRC. (r1023)
  • Use \n instead of \r\n for znc.conf. (r1022)
  • Fix some invalid replies from the shell module. (r1021)
  • Support chans other than #chan and &chan. (r1019)
  • Make chansaver add all channels to the config on load. (r1018)
  • Reply to PINGs if we are not connected to a server. (r1016)
  • Fix some bugs with Csocket, one caused segfaults when connecting to special SSL hosts. (r1015)
  • Use MODFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS for modules. Do MODFLAGS=something ./configure if you want a flag that is used only by modules. (r1012)
  • Add OnTopic() module call. (r1011)
  • Don't create empty .registry files for modules. See find ~/.znc -iname ".registry" -size 0 for a list of files you can delete. (r1010)
  • Only allow admins to load the shell module. (r1007)
  • Fix CModule::DelNV()'s return value. (r1006)
  • Fix CUser::Clone() to handle all the settings. (r1005)
  • Mark all our FDs as close-on-exec. (r1004)