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  • Forward /names replies for unknown channels.
  • Global modules can no longer hook into every config line, but only those prefixed with 'GM:'.
  • Don't forward topic changes for detached channels.
  • Remove ~/.znc/configs/backups and instead only keep one backup under znc.conf-backup.
  • Update /msg *status help.
  • Add --datadir to znc-config.
  • Update bundled Csocket to the latest version. This fixes some bugs (e.g. not closing SSL connections properly).
  • Use $HOME if possible to get the user's home (No need to read /etc/passwd anymore).
  • Use -Wshadow and fix all those warnings.
  • Add /msg *status ListAvailMods. Thanks to SilverLeo.
  • Add OnRehashDone() module call.
  • Add rehashing (SIGHUP and /msg *status rehash).
  • Also write a pid file if we are compiled with --enable-debug. Thanks to SilverLeo.
  • Add ClearVHost and 'fix' SetVHost. Thanks to SilverLeo.
  • Increase the connect timeout for IRC connections to 2 mins.
  • Add a user's vhost to the list on the user page in webadmin.
  • Add --no-color switch and only use colors if we are on a terminal.
  • Add DenySetVHost config option. Thanks to Veit Wahlich aka cru.
  • Change --makeconf's default for KeepNick and KeepBuffer to false.
  • Add simple_away module. This sets you away some time after you disconnect from ZNC.
  • Don't write unneeded settings to the <Chan> section. Thanks to SilverLeo.
  • Remove OnFinishedConfig() module call. Use OnBoot() instead.
  • Fix some GCC 4.3 warnings. Thanks to darix again.
  • Move the static data (webadmin's skins) to /usr/share/znc per default. Thanks to Marcus Rueckert aka darix.
  • New znc-buildmod which works on shells other than bash.
  • Add ClearAllChannelBuffers to *status.
  • Handle CTCPs to *status.
  • autoattach now saves and reloads its settings.
  • Let webadmin use the user's defaults for new chans. Thanks to SilverLeo.