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My Projects[edit]

These modules are no longer being maintained.[edit]

Whois provides whois functionality for the partyline.

Broadcast provides the same functionality as the broadcast command (it sends a notice to all the users), but with a standard prefix.

DNS resolves hostnames on the server.

QuitAway sets your away message from your quit message.

KillNotice sends a notice to all admins whenever a user is killed off a server.

Version Numbers[edit]

My version numbers reflect the version of ZNC that version of code was designed to work with. If the version is 0.01, this is because the module hasn't been modified since I changed the versioning scheme, and I don't know which version it was written for. Feel free to update the 0.01 version number if you verify it working on a current version of ZNC.

Updating My Code[edit]

If you give me your login info on github, I'll add you as a contributor (if I can figure out how). This'll allow you to update my repo, and it'll put you down as the author of those changes. The basics of GIT are pretty simple to use, once you get it set up (the basics are all I know--git commit & push). Reply here & contact me on IRC.

No longer maintaining my code[edit]

I no longer have a server, so I no longer have any use for these modules personally. I also no longer have a linux development environment of any kind, which makes code testing difficult. Feel free to branch/fork my code, make derivatives, or do pretty much anything that you want. If you get it working, please make it available somewhere and let me know where so I can say so on my github. All I ask is that you let people know I wrote the original module (if, indeed, this is the case).