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This module is no longer being maintained.[edit]

This global module catches whois commands sent to the server. If the username begins with a ? (i.e. ?efreak), it shows varying amounts of information, depending on the settings and whether or not you are an admin. This module by default sends numerics, to be compatible with existing scripts that use whois.


The original version of the code for this module can be found github. It does not work with the latest version of ZNC.

A modified version of the code that works with version 0.202 can be found here or here. It still relies 100% on the original author's code, but has had sections which break upon compile removed.

Follow the Compiling modules page to compile either version.


All arguments are optional.

Arg Description
-reqadmin Only admins can use whois. returns access denied to the module if set
-dev mostly for development. Sends text to PM as well as sending as a standard PM. May do other things in the future. Replace with the hostname of your bouncer. Is used as default vhost in the 312 (rpl_whoisserver) reply (if not set, uses ZNC or

At this time there is no internal configuration.


As an admin:

/whois ?efreak

Whois   : ?efreak []: Self-Proclaimed Narcissistic Godling
Modes   : +Attached +IRCConnected +BounceDCCs -DenyLoadMod +MultiClients +KeepBuffer
Server  : (efreak is attached to
Ircop   : ?efreak is a ZNC Admin
Idle    : 46 minutes, 32 seconds

As a user:

/whois ?efreak

Whois   : ?efreak []: Self-Proclaimed Narcissistic Godling
Server  : (efreak is attached to
Ircop   : ?efreak is a ZNC Admin
Idle    : 47 minutes, 33 seconds


Contact via email, or on irc. Efreak is available in #znc on EFnet and Freenode, and can also be found on the RecalledToIRC and Mibbit chat networks, among other places.


There are some comments at the very end of the code (if you download from my server). These are mostly ideas and a little bit of code.

ZNC 0.80[edit]

The current code takes advantage of functions introduced in ZNC 0.90. If you have ZNC 0.80 or earlier, please use the code here instead of the code in the repo or on the code page.