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New stuff[edit]


  • Don't cache duplicate raw 005 (e.g. due to /version). (r1579)
  • Send a MODE removing all user modes to clients when we lose the irc connection. (r1583)
  • Use a nickmask instead of a nick as the source for ZNC-generated MODE commands. (r1584)
  • Use the right error codes if startup fails. (r1585)
  • Fix a NULL pointer dereference in some of the ares-specific code. (r1586)
  • VHost and Motd input boxes in graphiX and dark-clouds in webadmin didn't insert newlines. (r1588)
  • Generate proper error messages when loading modules. This was broken since znc 0.070. (r1596)
  • Allow unloading of removed modules. This was broken since znc 0.070. (r1597)
  • Fix savebuff with KeepBuffer = false. (r1616)
  • Fix accidental low buffer size for webadmin sockets. (r1617)
  • AltNicks are no longer truncated to 9 characters. (r1620)
  • Webadmin can now successfully add new admin users and have them load the shell module. (r1625)
  • Webadmin no longer includes the znc version in the auth realm. (r1627)
  • CUser::Clone now handles modules after all other settings, making it work with shell. (r1628)
  • Some CSS selectors in webadmin's dark-clouds and graphiX skins were wrong. (r1631)
  • The help of admin was improved. (r1632) (r1633)

Minor stuff[edit]

Internal stuff[edit]

  • Now using autoconf 2.64. (r1604)
  • Removed unused classes CNoCopy and CSafePtr. (r1607)
  • Moved CZNC::FindModPath() to CModules. (r1611)
  • Added CModules::GetModDirs() as a central place for finding module dirs. (r1612) (r1629)
  • Added CModules::GetModPathInfo() which works like GetModInfo() but which takes the full path to the module. (r1613)
  • Updated to latest Csocket which adds openssl 1.0 compatibility and fixes some minor bug. (r1615) (r1621)
  • Merged the internal join and ping timers. (r1622) (r1623)