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ZNC Memory Usage

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This page is intended to give users an idea and rough estimate of how much memory ZNC needs to run. Other users are asked to provide anecdotal reports which include memory usage as well as other relevant information.

Various factors can affect ZNC memory usage, including:

  • Number of channels (across all users on a ZNC instance)
  • Average saved buffer size of each channel
  • Whether the AutoClearChanBuffer setting is used
  • Query Buffers (if ZNC 1.5 or later)
  • Loaded modules (number, type, and function)
  • Number of users
  • System architecture (x86, x86-64, etc.)

Note: These are anecdotal reports, which are personal experiences of other ZNC users/administrators. These reports are not in any way verified, nor are any of them the least bit scientific. If exact resource usage figures are important, performing your own testing is highly recommended. As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

The following list doesn't include a list of modules used in each case for the sake of brevity. However, module use could have a meaningful effect on memory usage.

ZNC Version Memory Usage Number of channels Average Buffer Size AutoClearChanBuffer Number of Users System Arch
1.4 60.9 MB About 260 About 2,000 Yes, mostly 9 x86-64 (Debian 7)
1.4 22.3 MB About 100 About 100 Yes, mostly 8 x86-64 (Debian 7)