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Talk:ZNC Memory Usage

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Some thoughts:

- add "Number of modules loaded" column

- What about 3rd party modules? I'm using an extremely old json version of the AKA module and my znc is using 105MB. I also run 5 other custom modules I have created.

- Modified znc / modules? My znc is slightly different that stock. I've reverted two commits for mine, 3f76b8fb / 2f65dbbc. My antiidle module is slightly modified.

I like the idea of having columns for number of core modules loaded and third-party modules loaded, and perhaps even a third modules column for potentially large memory-usage modules such as AKA. We could also use the * convention to indicate modified modules. Thoughts?

- Be more specific on the git versions? Memory leak might exist in ZNC 1.7.x-git-99 that was fixed in ZNC 1.7.x-git-100 (#1017).

I think it would be good to specify the exact git version for any future additions, yes!

- Why does one of the git versions have an * at the end?

Just like the Providers page shows, a * indicates a modified version, and I've updated the page to reflect this.