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This module acts as a translator between people, neither of whom know each other's language. Each person can just write in his/her preferred language, and this module will take care of translating both sides and seamlessly displaying the translated text to both parties. Module works for:

  • private messages between you and another person;
  • channels, between you and all other people on that channel;
  • channels, between you and one particular other person on that channel.

The module uses Google Translate via its API.

Google chose to close its Translate API at 2011-12-01 and made it a paid service, so the module is broken currently. I'll need to find another way to translate stuff. If someone wishes to help, welcome.


The code for this module can be found here ( raw). Follow the Compiling modules page to compile it.



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


Configuration is done via *translate


| Command | Arguments                    | Description                                          |
| my      | <xy>                         | Set your default language                            |
| set     | <channel> <xy> [<my>]        | Set language of channel                              |
| set     | <nick> <xy> [<my>]           | Set language of private messages for nick            |
| set     | <channel>/<nick> <xy> [<my>] | Set language for nick on channel                     |
| unset   | <channel or nick>            | Don't translate target anymore                       |
| clear   |                              | Clear all targets                                    |
| list    |                              | Show list of configured targets with their languages |
| help    |                              | Show this text                                       |

You can use set #channel/nick to translate messages only to/from that nick on this channel. Messages to them have one of these forms (assuming, we speak to Nicky):

  • Nicky hello
  • Nicky, hello
  • Nicky: hello

set command has 1 optional parameter in the end - your language for translating conversations. If it's empty, using default, which is specified with my command.


set #znc/Nicky de bg

if you want to speak with Nicky (who is German) on #znc using Bulgarian.

Version history[edit]


Fixed compilation errors for ZNC 0.090.


Add support for set #channel/nick.


First version.


Contact DarthGandalf on irc:// for bug reports and suggestions.