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This module will automatically set you away on IRC while you are disconnected from the bouncer.

Compared to away this module doesn't do anything special about logging messages.



This network module takes up to three arguments. The argument can be -notimer or -timer x. -notimer is the same as specifying -timer 0. See the settimer documentation below for an explanation. The last argument, which can always be given, is the away message displayed.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.



The module sets you away some seconds after you disconnect. The time can be changed with 'settimer x' which sets it to x seconds.

If you set yourself away using your client's normal /away command the module is disabled until you set yourself back.


If you want to change the away reason used, use

/msg *simple_away reason I'm currently away.

reason without any arguments displays the currently set away reason.