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The client buffer module maintains client specific buffers for identified clients.

The source code is available on GitHub. See also instructions for compiling modules.

This is an updated version to the original Clientbuffer. Some additional modules which you may find useful when using multiple clients, as well as information between this and the original Clientbuffer, can be found at Multiple clients.


This user module takes up to two arguments.

If specified, causes any clients that haven't been previously registered to be automatically registered, thus making it unnecessary to use the AddClient command.
Does not send log lines that are older than the specified number of seconds. For example, use timelimit=86400 to only send buffer lines that are at most one day long.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


In order to make it possible for the module to control client specific buffers, you must disable the AutoClearChanBuffer and AutoClearQueryBuffer config options that are enabled by default. This can be done via controlpanel, webadmin, or znc.conf.

The savebuff module is recommended to allow buffers survive ZNC restarts.

It is very important that you disable "Auto Clear Chan Buffer" and "Auto Clear Query Buffer" on the Your Settings page, or this module will not work correctly. The buffers will otherwise be cleared when first client that downloads it, meaning it is not available for the next client later.


/msg *clientbuffer AddClient <identifier>
/msg *clientbuffer DelClient <identifier>
/msg *clientbuffer ListClients


ZNC supports passing a client identifier in the password:


or in the username: