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New stuff[edit]

  • Add a CloneUser command to admin. (r1477)
  • Make webadmin work better with browser caches in conjunction with changing skins. (r1481) (r1482)
  • Better error messages if binding a listening port fails. (r1483)
  • admin module now supports per-channel settings. (r1484)
  • Fix the KICK that partyline generates when a user is deleted. (r1486)
  • fail2ban now allows a couple of login attempts before an IP is banned. (r1489)
  • Fixed a crash bug in stickychan. (r1500)
  • Install a pkg-config .pc file. (r1503)
  • Auto-detect globalness in re/un/loadmod commands. (r1505)


  • Fix a bug where ZNC lost its lock on the config file. (r1457)
  • Limit DCC transfers to files smaller than 4 GiB. (r1461)
  • Make znc -D actually work. (r1466)
  • Make znc --datadir ./meh --makeconf work. The restart used to fail. (r1468)
  • Fix a crash bug if CNick::GetPermStr() was called on CNick objects from module calls. (r1491)
  • Some fixes for solaris. (r1496) (r1497) (r1498)
  • nickserv module now also works on OFTC. (r1502)
  • Make sure the "Invalid password" message is sent before a client socket is closed. (r1506)
  • Fix a bug where ZNC would reply with stale cached MODEs for a "MODE #chan" request. (r1507)

Minor stuff[edit]

  • Man page updates. (r1467)
  • Make CFile::Close() check close()'s return values if --debug is used. (r1476)
  • Update to latest Csocket. (r1490)
  • Improve the error messages generated by /msg *status loadmod. (r1493)
  • Remove broken znc --encrypt-pem. (r1495)

Internal stuff[edit]

  • cout and endl are included in Utils.h, not main.h. (r1449)
  • CFile::Get*Time() now return a time_t. (r1453) (r1479)
  • Switched some more CFile members to more appropriate return types. (r1454) (r1471)
  • CFile::Seek() now takes an off_t as its argument. (r1458)
  • Turn TCacheMap into more of a map. (r1487) (r1488)
  • Updates to latest Csocket. (r1509)
  • API breakage: CAuthBase now wants a Csock* instead of just the remote ip. (r1511) (r1512)
  • New Module hooks (r1494)
    • OnChanBufferStarting()
    • OnChanBufferPlayLine()
    • OnChanBufferEnding()
    • OnPrivBufferPlayLine()