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If you have a stable version of znc installed and want to develop a module, it is a good idea to spin up a new instance of znc on a different port. There are two main reasons for this...

  1. While developing a module, there is a high likelihood that you may crash the whole znc instance and may not want to disrupt your normal irc session.
  2. You may need to develop on a bleeding edge non-stable version while using the latest stable release for your regular enjoyment.


  1. svn co znc
  2. cd znc
  3. ./configure --prefix=$HOME/devznc --enable-debug
    • prefix is in case you need to test post-install, otherwise just run from the source tree
  4. make
  5. ./znc --datadir $HOME/.znc-dev --makeconf
    • make sure to have it listen on a different port
  6. ./znc --datadir $HOME/.znc-dev

You will now have your own znc instance running on a new port and can crash it to your heart's content.