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This module helps you to login to IdleRPG (or IRPG) games on your networks. It supports multiple channels/games per network. You setup all channels and this module will try to authenticate you with the bot in the channel. This is triggered either by you (re)joining the channel or by the bot (re)joining the channel or by you manually triggering the "login" command. It will wait 10 seconds after the join to login. It'll also only try to login if the bot is actually in the channel and has operator status, to avoid sending your credentials to imposters on netsplits or downtimes.

Download / Source[edit]

You can download the current version of the module here: Download

Otherwise, you can checkout the repo on Github. Feel free to contact the maintainer there.


First of all, please compile, copy and load the module in your network. This is explained on the "Compiling Module" help page. You also need to create an account for the IdleRPG game you want to participate in, if not done already.


Add <#channel> <botnick> <username> <password>: Adds a new channel or updates a channel
Clear: Clears all current settings
Del <#channel>: Removes a channel
Help <search>: Generate this output
List: Displays current settings
Login [<#channel>]: Manually triggers login now (either for specific channel or all channels)