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Note: identify-msg CAP is deprecated now in favor of extended-join and account-notify CAPs.

This module adds support to "identify-msg" CAP, which is used on some networks, for example freenode.

Note: "identify-msg" specs were kinda reverse-engineered for this module, so probably this implementation violates real specs in some way. If anyone knows where to find original, please tell me.


The code for this module can be found here (raw). Follow the Compiling modules page to compile it.


After loading the module just use ZNC. If you'll connect to a network which supports identify-msg, and your client supports identify-msg, your client will handle +/- from beginning of lines as it should. Clients which don't support identify-msg won't notice it, regardless of used network.

If network doesn't support identify-msg, everyone is assumed to be not identified, even if really the person is registered and identified to NickServ (or analog).


This global module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


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