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Some features support variable-like strings.

Expand Strings[edit]

Variable Value Sample output
 %user% the ZNC user name
 %nick% the current nick
 %defnick% the default nick, as specified in the config
 %altnick% the alternate nick, as specified in the config
 %realname% the realname, as specified in the config
 %ident% the ident
 %vhost% the current bindhost
 %bindhost% the current bindhost
 %time% the current time (can be used for CTCP TIME replies) Sat Oct 21 22:13:08 2006
 %uptime% the current uptime 1w 2d 4h 20m 27s
 %version% ZNC's version string 1.7.0+deb1
 %znc% (since 1.6.3) ZNC's name and website, optionally with version,
depending on "Hide version" setting
 %empty% (since 1.7.0) empty string, can be used e.g. as a poor man's way to insert %nick% literally, without expanding it to the current nick: %ni%empty%ck%.
 %network% (since 1.7.0) the name of IRC network as configured in ZNC freenode

Features that support expand strings[edit]

Expand strings can be used with many ZNC features. The following is a list of some features that accept expand strings.

Config Options
  • <code>CTCPReply
  • MOTD