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Buffers are stored if all your clients are disconnected, or marked as away. This module allows you to send an /away to ZNC marking the client as away. While all your clients are away or disconnected, ZNC will store buffers. These buffers include any channel buffer with AutoClearChanBuffer and private message buffers.

This module has a secondary use, which is auto away. Auto away allows the module to forward your /away to the real server once all clients are away, or all clients are disconnected. If a single client doesn't have the away set, you are not away. Without auto away enabled, any /away sent to the ZNC server will not be forwarded to your IRC server.

This module can be used as a solution for FAQ#How_to_store_private_messages_even_when_user_is_attached.2C_so_other_clients_can_see_them.3F by setting the client as /away.

The source can be found at . Compatible with ZNC 1.0 and onwards.