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This is a bugfix-only release. Stay tuned for bigger features in the upcoming 1.7 :-)


  • Fixed build with OpenSSL 1.1. (#1310)
  • Fixed build on Cygwin.
  • Fixed a segfault after cloning a user. The bug was introduced in ZNC 1.6.0. (#1340)
  • Fixed a segfault when deleting a user or network which is waiting for DNS during connection. The bug was introduced in ZNC 1.0. (#1342)
  • Fixed a segfault which could be triggered using alias module. (#1347)
  • Fixed an error in controlpanel module when setting the bindhost of another user.
  • Fixed route_replies to not cause client to disconnect by timeout. (#1299)
  • Fixed compatibility with the Gitter IRC bridge. (#1321)