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Quickly determine why a user is unable to join/talk in a channel.

Important: This module is optimized for freenode with ircd-seven, it might need additional tweaking or would not work on other networks with different modes and extbans.

Important: ZNC Versions This module currently works with ZNC 1.6.* and below, it might not work on some networks with ZNC >= 1.7, this is being investigated.


You can get this module's source code here. Read the README for additional information.



This user module takes zero arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.

Load it as you would load other python modules, requires modpython



Prints a help text

check <user> <channel> [modes]

Checks, by default, what quiets (+q) and bans (+b) match a given online user in a channel. Also checks for registered only (+r) channel modes and quiets matching unidentified users ($~a) if the target user is not identified.

Modes can be passed as an optional, third argument. The default is bq, supported are b, q and e. Note that checking for +e requires you to be opped up in the target channel.


Example usage:

/msg *bansearch check Fuchs #freenode

check if there are any bans or $a,$x,$j extbans or quiets matching the user Fuchs in #freenode

/msg *bansearch check Fuchs #freenode be

check if there are any bans or $a,$x,$j extbans or exempts (+e) matching the user Fuchs in #freenode

/msg *bansearch check Fuchs #freenode q

check if there are any quiets matching the user Fuchs in #freenode