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This module voices everyone joining the channel you tell it to.



This network module takes many arguments. Each argument is either a channel you want autovoice for (which can include wildcards) or, if it starts with !, it is an exception for autovoice.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


Just read the help:

/msg *autovoice help
ADDCHANS <user> <channel> [channel] ...
DELCHANS <user> <channel> [channel] ...
ADDUSER <user> <hostmask> [channels]
DELUSER <user>


To voice two user when they join a particular channel

adduser user nick!ident@host.tld #channel
adduser hubot hubot!nodebot@ #team

To voice everybody who joins "#ubuntu" do the following:

<fabs> listusers
<*autovoice> There are no users defined
<fabs> adduser * * #ubuntu
<*autovoice> User [*] added with hostmask [*]
<fabs> listusers
<*autovoice> +------+----------+----------+
<*autovoice> | User | Hostmask | Channels |
<*autovoice> +------+----------+----------+
<*autovoice> | *    | *        | #ubuntu  |
<*autovoice> +------+----------+----------+