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This module allows a ZNC admin to send raw traffic to IRC from other ZNC users.



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


Client [user] [network] [data to send]
The data will be sent to the user's IRC client(s)
Current [data to send]
The data will be sent to your current client
Help <?search>
Generate this help output, optionally search for word/phrase in this output.
Server [user] [network] [data to send]
The data will be sent to the IRC server the user is connected to


In the following commands, the admin user running send_raw…

  1. joins the ZNC user named Eve to #znc on the network named freenode
  2. sends a message to #znc as her
  3. invites the nick Adam to #znc as her
  4. quits her from the server
  5. uses the ZNC user psychon to grant Adam +o channel mode in #znc.
/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode JOIN #znc
/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode PRIVMSG #znc :I'm using znc!
/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode INVITE Adam #znc
/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode QUIT Jumping.Server!
/msg *send_raw Server psychon freenode MODE #znc +o Adam

Please note that this module expects a raw line. This means that all client aliases and client commands DO NOT work (e.g. /msg is in reality PRIVMSG).

For other RAW commands, visit irchelp