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If for some reason you can't or don't want to install ZNC yourself, you may choose to get an account at some existing provider.

Free ZNC providers

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Provider Max Networks per User ZNC Version IRC Support Date Started ZNC locations
(country codes, using exceptions)
Default +For referral Premium
StormBNC 5 1.4 &3014807906312009-12-18 DE
xShellz 1 1 12, 20, or 30 1.4 &3014807906312011-07-20 CA, US-CA, UK
BlackZNC 1 1.6.3* &3014807906312012-07-11 CA, FR
PanicBNC 2 1.5-git* &3014807906312012-02-01 AU, CA, FR, DE, NL, PL, UK, US
EliteBNC 4 0.096* &3014807906312012-02-06 AU, CA, FR, DE, NL, PL, UK, US
GreatVDS 1 5, 10, or 25 1.4 &3014807906312014-07-16 DE, FR, HU, IT
fnordserver 1.7-git* #fnord* &3014807906312015-10-09 DE
OracleBNC 4 1 15, 30, or 60 1.6.2 &3014807906312016-01-19 US
ZNC.BG 1 1.6.3* &3014807906312016-01-25 BG, CZ, DE, IT
IRCBounceHouse 10 1.7-git &3014807906312014-09-05 US
LayerBNC 3 1 1.2* &3014807906312014-07-25 DE, NL, SE, US

Versions with " * " are modified versions.

Free network specific ZNC providers

They allow connection only to one specific network.

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Provider Network IRC Support
RizonBNC Rizon
Multiple OnlineGamesNet
Firrre Freenode
Snoonet Snoonet
AfterNET AfterNET