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  • ZNC has been relicensed to Apache 2.0
  • Show password block in --makepass in new format
  • Return MaxJoins setting, it helps against server sending ZNC too many lines at once and disconnecting with "Max SendQ exceeded"
  • Make /znc detach case insensitive, allow "/detach #chan1,#chan2" syntax
  • No longer store 381 in the buffer


  • CModule::OnMode(): Fix a stupid NULL pointer dereference
  • Fix NULL pointer dereference in webadmin.
  • Fix a crash when you delete a user with more than one attached client
  • Fix a random crash with module hooks
  • Revert "Rewrite the JOIN channel logic, dropping MaxJoins"
  • Fix build on some systems
  • Fix build of shallow git clone
  • Fix build of git tags
  • Fix OOT builds with swig files in source dir
  • Don't send NAMES and TOPIC for detached channels when a client connects
  • Fix memory leak
  • Consistency between Del* and Rem* in command names
  • Fix changing client nick when client connects.
  • Timezone GMT+N is really GMT+N now. It behaved like -N before.
  • Escape special characters in debug output (znc --debug)
  • Don't disconnect networkless users without PINGing them first.
  • Don't lose dlerror() message.
  • Fix use-after-free which may happen during shutdown
  • Fix "Error: Success" message in SSL
  • Fixed double forward slashes and incorrect active module highlighting.
  • make clean: Only delete files that can be regenerated
  • Don't make backup of znc.conf readable by everyone.
  • makepem: create pem only rw for the user, on non-win32
  • Don't ever try to overwrite /usr/bin/git
  • Fix user modes
  • Request secure cookie transmission for HTTPS
  • "make clean" removes .depend/
  • Fix support for /msg @#chan :hi
  • Fix saving config on some cygwin installations
  • Fix error message for invalid network name


  • Return old fakeonline module (accidentally removed in 1.0) as modules_online
  • autoattach: add string searching
  • autocycle: Convert to a network module
  • chansaver: Fix chansaver to not rewrite the config each time a user joins a channel on startup
  • cert: Make default type of cert mod to be network.
  • watch: Don't handle multiple matching patterns for each target
  • route_replies: Add some WHOIS numerics
  • block_motd: Allow block_motd to be loaded per-network and globally
  • notify_connect: Fixed syntax on attach/detach messages to be more consistent
  • cyrusauth: Fix user creation


  • Support network module manipulation
  • Increases general verbosity of command results.
  • Fix bug for "Disconnect" help
  • Standardize error wordings


  • Allow loading webadmin as user module.
  • Show instructions on how to use networks in Add Network too
  • clarify that + is SSL
  • Show example timezone in webadmin
  • Enable embedding network modules.
  • Enable embedding modules to network pages.
  • Change save network to show the network and not redirect user


  • Implement DH-AES encrypted password scheme.
  • Add missing length check
  • Description line for DH-BLOWFISH
  • Fixing unaligned accesses


  • Fix loading old configs which refered to "away" module
  • Fix displaying IPv6 addresses


  • Add time stamp to buffered messages
  • Use ASCII for nick prefix and make it configurable


  • Make NickServ nickname configurable.
  • Add support for NickServ on and Azzurra
  • nickserv: don't confuse people so much


  • Add -sanitize option to log module.
  • Convert / and \ character to - in nicks for filenames.
  • Create files with the same permissions as the whole log directory.


  • Don't try to build charset module if iconv is not found
  • Fix: Converted raw string include NULL character in charset module


  • A bit more debug output on modperl
  • Fix perl modules being shown incorrectly in the webadmin


  • Fix PartyLine so that forced channels may not be left at all - users will be rejoined at once.
  • Fix partyline rejoin on user deletion


  • Require SWIG 2.0.8 for modperl/modpython (removes hacks to make older SWIG work)
  • Web interface now supports gzip compression
  • Update server-time to new specs with ISO 8601
  • Add a generic threads abstraction
  • Add CString::StripControls to strip controls (Colors, C0) from strings
  • Change PutModule to handle multiple lines
  • Debug output: Only print queued lines if they are really just queued
  • Add initial unit tests, runnable by "make test"
  • Add nick comparison function CNick::NickEquals
  • Force including zncconfig.h at the beginning of every .cpp
  • Add OnAddNetwork, OnDeleteNetwork module hooks