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=== For version 0.074 and older ===
=== For version 0.074 and older ===
The extra modules were shipped in a separate download. Read about it [ here].
The extra modules were shipped in a separate download.

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What is ZNC-Extra?[edit]

ZNC-Extra is a package of some additional modules which are, for some reason, not enabled by default.

For version 1.0 and newer[edit]

There are no extra modules. Every module that ships with ZNC is compiled by default, with the exception of modules which need additional dependencies, e.g. modperl. And even those modules don't need anything about ZNC-Extra.

See ChangeLog/1.0 for details about specific modules which previously were in extra.

For version between 0.076 and 0.206[edit]

Since 0.076, the extra modules are shipped with ZNC and can be enabled by passing --enable-extra to configure during installation.

Read the ZNC installation instructions for details on how to install ZNC. Remember, pass --enable-extra to configure (and additionally --enable-tcl for modtcl) to include the whole extra package.

Read Compiling modules if you want to know how to compile single modules.

See the FAQ page if you encounter problems.

For version 0.074 and older[edit]

The extra modules were shipped in a separate download.