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Connecting to ZNC



Connections to ZNC using SSL:

 /server add BNC -ssl -username=username/network -password=password -autoconnect
 /set irc.server.BNC.ssl_verify off
 /connect BNC


It does not connect.

If port 6697 is the SSL port, you need to specify the "+" before the port and "-ssl"

This is a failed attempt due to not specifying the "+" and/or "-ssl"

  05:46:47     BNC =!= | irc: connection refused
  05:46:47     BNC  -- | irc: reconnecting to server in 10 seconds
  05:46:57     BNC  -- | irc: reconnecting to server...
  05:46:57     BNC  -- | irc: connecting to server (SSL)...
  05:46:58     BNC =!= | irc: connection refused


This is for plain non-ssl connections.

 /server add BNC -username=username/network -password=password -autoconnect
 /connect BNC

Specifying username/network:password later

 /set irc.server.bnc.username username/network
 /set irc.server.bnc.password password