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(Redo the Functions Section. Added a lot more stuff admins/users can do. Can still use improvement.)
(Include note about Google Chrome blocking default IRC ports.)
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* Set Webpanel skin.
* Set Webpanel skin.
* Load/Unload modules.
* Load/Unload modules.
'''Note:''' Some web browsers like Google Chrome block default IRC ports. 

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This module allows you to administrate your ZNC bouncer through a web interface.

Screenshot of the Webadmin module in action



This global module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


After you connect as an admin user you are able to:


  • Add a new user
  • Clone a user
  • Delete a user
  • Edit a user - Change any and all user settings
  • List all users
  • View traffic
  • Increase/Decrease number of allowed networks per user
  • Anything a User can do below


  • Allow IPs.
  • BindHost
  • Change ZNC password
  • Change IRC nick
  • Change Ident
  • Change Status Prefix
  • Change Real Name
  • Change BindHost
  • Change Quit Message
  • Set default channel modes
  • Set Buffer size
  • Set Timestamp format
  • Set Timezone
  • Set join tries (channel)
  • Set Webpanel skin.
  • Load/Unload modules.

Note: Some web browsers like Google Chrome block default IRC ports.