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User:Teward/Ubuntu PPA for ZNC - Supported Versons of Ubuntu

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DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE! This page is ONLY to be maintained by the user who's userspace this is in!!!!!!!!!

PPA Version Support Terms[edit]

The PPA for ZNC that is provided by myself (on Launchpad) contains packages of ZNC for ***supported versions of Ubuntu only***. That means that only versions of Ubuntu which are not End of Life (that is to say, beyond the support cycle for updates and security updates) are kept and maintained in the PPA, except where certain versions are "never supported". The PPA also does not support the currently 'in development' release of Ubuntu, and will only build for it after it has reached "Beta Freeze".

Click Here to see the main PPA.

The Ubuntu wiki contains a breakdown of the releases and their End of Life dates.

Supported Versions of Ubuntu Since Lucid 10.04[edit]

Ubuntu Version Supported? PPA Software Version Supported Architectures Supported Until... Other Details
Lucid (10.04) LTS No None Never Supported
Maverick (10.10) No None Never Supported
Natty (11.04) No None Never Supported
Oneiric (11.10) No None May 16, 2014 End of Life
Precise (12.04) LTS Yes 1.6.0-2 i386, amd64 April 2017
Quantal (12.10) No None May 16, 2014 End of Life
Raring (13.04) No None January 27, 2014 End of Life
Saucy (13.04) No None July 17, 2014 End of Life. Saucy packages removed on August 10, 2014.
Trusty (14.04) LTS Yes 1.6.0-2 i386, amd64, armhf April 2019
Utopic (14.10) Yes 1.6.0-2 i386, amd64, armhf July 2015
Vivid (15.04) Yes 1.6.0-2 i386, amd64, armhf Current Devel Release Supported in PPA as of March 24, 2015 (Beta Freeze state).

Also, 1.6.0-2 already exists in Ubuntu 15.04 Repositories and supersedes the PPA.

NOTE: When a version number is VERSION-# (where # is a number), it indicates a Debian package revision number. Exact changes exist in the changelogs for the package, but usually do not change features as much. (Usually these are just fixes, or inclusion of things that got missed initially)

Staging PPA[edit]

There are staging PPAs which contain various test builds of newer versions of the software. (The PPAs are split into two different sets based on which releases have ARM support or not, and which need additional backported changes or not.) Both PPAs have ABSOLUTELY ZERO SUPPORT from the PPA maintainer, and are only used for build testing and such. You should not use the Staging PPA, but it gives you insight into the current status of test builds.

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