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User:Resistance/Ubuntu PPAs: Issues

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DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE! This page is ONLY to be maintained by the user who's userspace this is in!!!!!!!!!

Issues List[edit]

The following is a list of KNOWN ISSUES for the packaging of ZNC in the PPAs.

Some issues may not be publicized at this time, and will be marked as "[EMBARGOED]" or "[PRIVATE]" instead of having a summary.

Severity Definitions[edit]

Red color indicates a critical-level issue - a massive security risk, or functionality that outright does not work.

Orange indicates a high-level issue - a problem that needs fixing but does not prevent other functionality from working.

Yellow indicates a medium-level issue - a problem that can be worked around but does not need immediate attention.

Green indicates a low-level issue - usually something that has a very easy workaround or is trivial to fix, but does not require an immediate packaging change to fix the problem.

Status Definition[edit]

"New" indicates an issue that was reported but is unconfirmed.

"Incomplete" indicates an issue that was reported, but was unable to be replicated in test environments.

"Confirmed" indicates an issue that was confirmed by more than one person.

"Fix In Progress" indicates an issue that is being worked on by the PPA maintainer.

"Fix Committed" indicates an issue has been committed but is not yet published to the PPAs.

"Fix Released" indicates an issue has had a fix for the problem released to the PPAs.

Known Issues List[edit]

Known Issues with PPAs
Summary Affected Functionality Severity Current Status Affected PPA(s) Affected Ubuntu Version(s) Bug Tracker Link Other Details
znc-buildmod cannot build with 'libicu' features (unicode, etc.) by default due to `libicu-dev` not being a dependency for the `znc-dev` package. buildmod Medium Confirmed Stable; Staging; Ubuntu (repos); Debian (repos) All Ubuntu; All Debian Launchpad Bug (ZNC PPAs)

Debian Bug

Issue originates in Debian packaging; Debian has to fix before a fix can be released to the PPAs and Ubuntu.

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