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If for some reason you can't or don't want to install ZNC yourself, you may choose to get an account at some existing provider.

Warning: This list is provided as is. The ZNC team can't guarantee that providers listed here will not sneak your passwords, burn your house and kill your pet (though it's pretty unlikely :P) Use it at your own risk.

Free ZNC providers

[Edit data]

Provider Max Networks per User ZNC Version Language IRC Support Date Started ZNC locations
(country codes, using exceptions)
Default Premium
xShellz 2 12, 20, or 30 1.6.1 English &3015531384332009-03-01 US, UK
EliteBNC 5 1.6.5* English &3015531384332012-02-06 CA, DE, NL, US
ZNC.BG 1 1.6.3* English &3015531384332016-01-25 BG, CZ, DE, IT
LunarBNC unlimited 1.7.1 English &3015531384332016-11-04 DE
SuchZNC unlimited 1.7-git* English &3015531384332017-05-09 NL
QUOQUE ZNC 3 10 1.6.6 English &3015531384332017-11-02 NL, US
viaBNC 5 (specified) 1.6.6 Spanish / English &3015531384332018-02-21 CA, US
bnc4you 2 1.7.1 English &3015531384332018-03-03 TR

Versions with " * " are modified versions.

Free network specific ZNC providers

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Provider Network
RizonBNC Rizon
Multiple OnlineGamesNet
Firrre Freenode
Snoonet Snoonet