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== Free network specific ZNC providers ==
== Free network specific ZNC providers ==
* [ RizonBNC]
* [ RizonBNC]

* [ See list at OnlineGamesNet Wiki]
* [ TeamBOT]

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Warning: This list is provided as is. ZNC team can't guarantee that providers listed here will not sneak your passwords, burn your house and kill your dog (though it's pretty unlikely :P) Use it at your own risk.

Free ZNC providers

Provider Max Networks per User ZNC Version IRC Support
BlackZNC ? ? ?
bnc4free ? ? #bnc4free
freeBNC 4 1.0 #freebnc
Fewona ? ? ?
PanicBNC 4 0.206 ? ? ? ?
Trekweb 5 1.0 #trekweb

Free network specific ZNC providers