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* Colloquy mobile
* Colloquy mobile
* XChat 2.8.6 with [[Privmsg/XChat|this script]]
* XChat 2.8.6 with [[Privmsg/XChat|this script]]
* mIRC 7.2.7 with [[Privmsg/mIRC|this script]]
=== Bugs related to other clients ===
=== Bugs related to other clients ===

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Privmsg is a user module which will send all the private messages you send to all your attached clients. This module is designed to work with znc from git. You can find the source at

Supported Clients

Not all clients support receiving private messages from ourself to another query window. The following list is of all clients that are known to work with this module.

  • Palaver
  • Textual 2.1
  • Weechat
  • Colloquy
  • Colloquy mobile
  • XChat 2.8.6 with this script
  • mIRC 7.2.7 with this script

Bugs related to other clients

How this works

In this example, my own nick is "kylef":

:kylef! PRIVMSG Derecho :Hello world!

Currently, this will display the private message in a query window titled "kylef". The RFC doesn't really define how this should be handled, but to me it makes sense for this message to go in the query window for Derecho, and the sender should be kylef (myself).

In most IRC servers, you wont receive PRIVMSG's formatted this way. But it would make sense for uses with IRC bouncers where we could send messages we sent to all connected clients.