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This module is used to perform one or more user-specified commands when connecting to the IRC network.

Loading the module as a user will cause it to perform on all networks. Loading a network will cause it to only work on that network.

Depending on how the perform module is loaded, the commands are stored:

 user:    ~/.znc/users/$user/moddata/perform/.registry
 network: ~/.znc/users/$user/networks/$network/moddata/perform/.registry



This network module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


The perform list is automatically saved on changes.

An example:

/msg *perform add msg LOGIN <username> <password>
/msg *perform add msg :AUTH <username> <password>
/msg *perform add mode %nick% +X
/msg *perform add OPER USER PASSWORD
/msg *perform del 1
/msg *perform list

See ExpandString for a list of available variables.