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Multiple clients

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It's rather commonly asked how to solve <x> problem when you are running ZNC with two or more clients connected to one user.

This page aims to describe some helpful modules you might wish to load to see if they fit your needs, and can be used as reference to see what is available.

Core Modules

Core Modules are included by default with ZNC and can be enabled at any time with /znc LoadMod <module_name>

Route Replies by multiple authors [source] [znc >= 0.094]
Essential if you have multiple clients. This ensures responses to what the client requests (mostly within the background) from the server (e.g. /WHO, /WHOIS, and so on) are routed to the correct client. If you are seeing a bunch of WHO responses in your status window of your client, it probably means you need to load this module.

External Modules

External Modules are not officially supported by ZNC, and can be enabled by Compiling the Modules yourself.

Client Buffer by jpnurmi [source] [znc >= 1.6.0]
This is the buffer playback ZNC offers, but it keeps track of which client has received the buffer and which client hasn't.
ChanFilter by jpnurmi [source] [znc >= 1.6.0]
The channel filter module maintains client specific channel lists for identified clients. A typical use case is to have a subset of channels visible for a mobile client.
Playback by jpnurmi [source] [znc >= 1.6.0]
The advanced playback module for ZNC makes it possible for IRC clients to avoid undesired repetitive buffer playback.